PT Tri Megah Tehnik

Dosing Pump

Selling Dosing Pumps from PT Tri Megah Tehnik in Jakarta. A dosing pump or dosing pump is a type of pump that can inject certain fluids (chemicals and other materials) into other solvents which are usually water. This dosing pump is equipped with a liquid discharge regulator so that the mixing of the material with the solvent can be accurately measured. This type of pump is widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, semiconductor processes, film and photography production, water treatment facilities, and chemical boilers. We provide quality dosing pumps at affordable prices. In addition, we also sell aodd diaphragm pumps, industrial pumps, magnetic pumps, vertical pumps, submersible pumps, fiberglass / frp pumps. for supply and demand, click on the request for quote button.

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